Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Heads up! Beastmilk full-album stream.

Heads up!  Beastmilk Climax full-album stream.

Cool albums rarely get released in December, because, frankly, who can compete with Yuletide gems like this?  Well, ditch your Santa hat and throw on some black leather - fuckin' Beastmilk is here.

"He chose, poorly" - guessing that milk went bad

Beastmilk (rad name right?) are a Finnish post-punk goth rock band, fronted by a British dude named "Kvohst," who are about to drop (or have already dropped, depending on your locale) their debut album Climax produced by King Midas studio-wiz Kurt Ballou.  These guys synthesize equal parts Danzig, Morrissey, The Cult, Echo & The Bunnymen, Joy Division, and Bauhaus - but with more balls.

Climax is streaming in full for free here, and available for paid download (iTunes, Amazon etc.) and streaming (Spotify etc.) now.  CD and LP available December 10.  Watch the video for "Death Reflects Us" here

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